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How to setup IPTV on Dreamlink T1-T2 box with the DOL2?

The Dreamlink T1 and T2  are devices that grant access to IPTV channels. They include a user interface based on the Stalker Middleware, an interface that is intended to convert these online channels into a menu from which you can simply select which channel you require to watch.

Basically, these merchandises make it simpler for you to see the numerous channels that are on offer and pick whichever one catches your imagination. The user interface also includes a web browser, video player, and a mixture of other apps. Softwares you need for watching IPTV


How to add IPTV channels to Dreamlink

In order to add channels to your dreamlink device, follow the below steps.

Step 1: From the main page, go to "My Apps". 

dreamlink iptv guide

Step 2: Select DreamOnline (DOL 2).
Note, If the DreamOnline (DOL2) app is not in the My apps folder go to the Market folder, find DreamOnline (DOL2) and install it. After that, it will appear in the My apps folder/

dreamlink iptv guide

Step 3: Now select "Edit Service" and then click on "Click Edit". 
Important: Be sure you register on (Server Operator Homepage) with your right MAC Address (if necessary).

dreamlink iptv guide  

Step 4: Enter Service Nickname (Any name).

dreamlink iptv guide

Step 5: Enter the IPTV Server URL (Portal URL) you get from your Server Operator.

iptv guide on freamlink

Step 6: It is NOT necessary to enter the Username and Password.

iptv guide for dreamlink

Step 7: Click "OK".

iptv guide for dreamlink

Step 8: Connecting to IPTV Server (with your registered data) in progress. 

iptv guide on dreamlink

Step 9: Successful Connection! You receive all channels associated with your account. 

iptv guide on dreamlink

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