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Smart IPTV application Problems

Smart IPTV (SIPTV) is one of the most popular application which use to bring IPTV channels to Smart TVs.
But recently this application does not present in Smart TVs and also the old users of SIPTV face many problems lately.
The following are some tips to solve issue with Smart IPTV app.


First of all you need to check your M3U url, if it's working fine or not.
Check M3U url.

Connections Failed Problem:

If you meet connection Failed problem of channels or lose the list with this error message "Check Playlist URL!"
Please follow these Steps:

1- If you can download the APK file of SIPTV application try to reinstall it. Install SIPTV in Samsung Smart TV

2- Change your M3U url’s password.

3- Reload new updated M3U in siptv.eu .

Setup IPTV in Smart IPTV app.

Some Important tips:

  • Use dynamic M3U Url and do not use static M3U downloaded file.
    This way you will always have all new updates of url.

  • Try TS format of M3U url  instead of HLS format. What is M3U list?

  • Remove some bouquets from the M3U url and reduce the number of channels, this can be useful for some devices with low memory storage.

  • Power off the Smart tv for minutes to clear browser cache.


After doing the above steps If still have issue please try other applications for Smart TVs:

Smart STB
Setup IPTV on Smart STB
IPTV Smarters
Setup IPTV on IPTV Smarters

It is obvious that the problem is from SIPTV application side and better to try with other IPTV apps.

If you think need further help, feel free to discuss it with us in the comments section down below. 

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